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The right fit

A real gentleman knows his body and knows of course exactly what size fits him best. The perfect fit is essential for a sophisticated look. We will therefore try to help you avoiding overestimating yourself or misjudging your size. Moreover, the wrong size or the wrong design on your beautiful body cost both of us stress, time and money. Furthermore transport routes harm the environment. We at Sundaze love the nature and try to minimize unnecessary delivery routes. For these many reasons we have put together a small size guide. Be smart and check your size before you order!   



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  • The perfect fit starts with the right choice

    To ensure the perfect fit, here are a few little tips for the right size determination:

    You are between 1,68m-1,85m, you are naturally thin or athletic, and prefer the slimcut? Then we advise you to choose size S.
    You are between 1.75m-1.90m, normal to strongly build or do like the more casual style? Then choose size M.
    You are over 1,85m tall and of average build? Then L is the right decision.
    You are a fucking massive guy? Choose XL.

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  • Sizes en détail

    Size S corresponding to a waist size of 36.5 cm and a leg length of 43cm. Let's not get unsettled, "the lenght" is not too decisive for the outcome of the war.

    Size M corresponds to a waist size of 38 cm and a leg length of 45cm. Check if this is the right size for you. No one gains anything if our pants look a little funny on you.

    Size L corresponds to a waist size of 40 cm and a leg length of 47cm. Quickly verify and play it safe that the shorts suits and fits you correctly.

    Size XL corresponds to a waist size of 42 cm and a leg length of 47cm. Are you really sure you need that much space in your pants. Poser.


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